• Be aged between 25 and 70 years of age
  • Hold a valid motorcycle licence class A1 or A2
  • Any fines, penalties incurred whilst on the tour must be made in full by debit / credit card within 14 days of contact
  • A to B Adventure Ltd will provide motorcycles with trail / off-road capability and protective clothing as required. * See ‘What we supply section’ for size parameters. Any sizes required outside of those listed please either contact us to discuss or bring your own appropriate clothing/off road helmet


  • Rental agreement will be full completed and signed by all hirers
  • You must provide two means of identification in addition to both sides of your driving licence i.e. passport, bank statement, utility bill (not more than three months old)
  • Any persons found to be under the influence of drink and / or drugs will not be able to join the tour (full payment may still be charged)


Unless you have previously disclosed to us and obtained authorisation through us with our underwriters;

  • you will not be eligible to hire any items (bike & equipment) if you have been disqualified from driving during the last 24 months, OR
  • if you have currently on your licence three or more convictions, OR
  • if you have been convicted of any of the following offence codes in the last five years
Theft or unauthorised taking UT
Drink or Drugs DR
Dangerous Driving DD
Driving whilst Disqualified BA
Licence Offences LC
Careless Driving CD
Any equivalent offence in Northern Ireland CD


If your motorcycle licence has not been valid for a period of 24 months or more you may still be able to hire from us. We will need to obtain prior approval from our Insurers; please contact us prior to booking to discuss. You are not eligible to hire with us if;

  • You have had any insurance declined and/or renewal refused and/or insurance or cover cancelled by any motor insurer
  • Had any motorcycle criminal convictions
  • If you have any physical or mental defect, impairment of sight, hearing, diabetic or epileptic condition or other complaint unless they have been notified to the DVLA and a licence has been issued and the conditions or restrictions to that licence are adhered to


  • Road worthy motorcycles with trail / off road capability
  • Equipment i.e. helmet, gloves, endure boots, knee pads, body armour, long sleeve shirt or jacket, motor-cross or endure trousers. Where not listed below these are one size fits all
Equipment Size Range
Helmets Extra Small to Extra Large
Boots 4 to 13
Trousers 28" to 44"
Jackets S to XXL
Gloves S - XL
  • No charge is levied for the use of protective clothing and equipment or for any accidental damage; except in exceptional circumstances. The circumstances include, but are not limited to, ignoring a direct request from a leader or member of staff, not paying due regard and attention and any riding behaviour which is causing danger to yourself, other riders or the motorcycle &/or equipment


Booking Requirements
  • You must meet the hire requirement as set out in our Terms and Conditions of hire.
  • You must agree with our Terms and Conditions of hire.
  • Full payment must be made before leaving the hire premises.
  • A deposit / damage excess, as stated in ‘Our Rates’ will also be required. This must be provided by a debit or credit card at the time of booking. The deposit fee will be deducted from the hire cost of the motorcycle on collection
  • Proof of address and Driving licence must be provided on day of tour; any riders arriving without the required legal documents will not be able to proceed with the tour and be deemed a 'no show'


Customer Cancellation:
  • The booking fee (as per rates table) will not be refunded where a customer cancels or is deemed a ‘no show’ (see below). Where new date is arranged, there is no time limit on setting a new date; however, should a price change occur three months after your original booking date, the new price will apply i.e. the new price applies
  • If you have paid in full and cancel more than three weeks before your original booking date, you will receive a refund less the booking fee amount; which will be held against a new date
  • Where a customer is deemed a ‘No show’ (definition - arrives late and cannot be accommodated to join the tour in progress, arrives on time without bringing the required identification and verification proof required for the hire agreement) or does not present themselves on the booking date and designated time (with 30 minute lean-way with or without direct notification with A to B Adventure Ltd designated contact)


  • Where the weather forces the event not to go ahead as scheduled, alternative dates will be provided. If none of the dates are acceptable, please call to discuss other alternative dates that may be available
    • Where an alternative date is impossible to arrange, a refund less £25 per person will be made