Things you need to know and remember...

Please take the time to read the following in advance of your day’s adventure as it’s just a few reminders and thoughts you are going to need for the day.

If you fall off, damage the bike or yourself let us know. We totally appreciate that some minor damage will occur to bikes - if you don’t tell us we can't sort it out!! If you don't you could end up not enjoying the day as much as you could - there's nothing worse than stiff gear changes, uneven handlebars or something just not right - so speak up and let us know (we don't bite I promise... well, Andy might!).

Please bring with you...

  • a drink (non-alcoholic). We will be having brew stops during the day but it can be thirsty fun so bring something with you
  • spare underwear and socks. You may need a change of clothing as some of our routes have crossings and puddles which may not be shallow!
  • (during Winter and wet weather) if you have them, bring enduro trousers putting thermals or jogging bottoms underneath them to keep warm (jeans/shorts aren't suitable!)

Think on..

  • Don't wear ear plugs - we need to be able to talk to you!
  • Be courteous to other road users and members of the public we come across - we are not going on private land so they have as much right to be there as us! They're out to enjoy themselves to or they live there, so let's not spoil the day
  • Open gates, you are responsible for making sure that it is closed (by you or someone else). Please do not just ride off or assume someone else will do it – just check with your party and make sure someone closes the gate.

Bike care

  • Riding through water – ride through the water slowly sitting down, going too fast could cause water to get into all sorts of places. If you fall off in water and the air filter has had a soaking too, don't try and start the bike until it has been dried out (you can cause engine damage)!
  • Please don't alter the tyre pressure - when you get on the bike at the unit it is ready to go!

On the day

  • Arrive at 'The Unit' Bobs Tyres, Zone 1, Deeside Industrial Park, 5 Drome Road, Deeside, CH5 2NY by 09:00am or other specified time. If you are later than half an hour and we have not received a telephone call or message we may start without you. You will need to phone or send a text to ask an instructor to come back and fetch you; where this is not possible your tour will be cancelled and you your attendance will be treated as a 'no show'. See the contact numbers on the Directions sheet provided in your booking email
  • Be honest! Tell us what experience you have of green laning and off-roading (road riding experience doesn't come into it!). If we know how experienced the group is we can tailor the ride to suit you and you get the most out of the day. Want to be challenged and push your limits or happy to stay as you are - tell us PLEASE!