On the day...

On the day of your guided tour you will receive a short induction and as part of this you will be required (amongst other matters) to sign in acceptance of the brief (below). If you have any questions, it would be helpful to ask in advance to reduce admin time on the day.

You will also be provided with the telephone numbers of the staff with you on the day in case you get separated or need to contact us for any reason (please ensure you pull over somewhere safe to do so).


  • Experience of green laning, trail riding, off-road - please let us know your experience and boundaries
    • Are you familiar with riding in the stand up position?
  • Stay on the 'Right Of Way' - riding on the land beside the track is illegal, so let's stay on the right side of the law!!
  • Dangerous behaviour - Wheelie's, stoppie's or roosting your friends or colleagues (roosting is spinning the back wheel, kicking up gravel and dirt). It is potentially dangerous if the person behind you has uncovered eyes and it can damage the lane surfaces.
  • Take care when riding on grass surfaces, by accelerating and braking gently will help preserve the surface as grass takes a while to recover. The land could be a farmer's or local place to hang out, so let's be respectful and not cause any unnecessary damage.
  • Be respectful to each other, members of staff, other road users, walkers, cyclists, horse riders and livestock, to property and other vehicles.
  • Don't go off on your own tour - stay together!! There will be a minimum of two members of staff - one at the front and one at the back. If you have a problem, with the bike or yourself tell us!!
  • Any persons demonstrating unacceptable behaviour and/or not following directions or requests from the leader or any member of A to B Adventure staff will have their tour terminated and motorcycle removed.